WINVEST GROUP LIMITED 與日本山梨縣簽署諒解備忘錄拍攝小熊維尼前傳

2023年 11月 20日,內華達州里諾讯 – Winvest Group Limited(OTC:WNLV)(“Winvest”)是一家擁有多元化媒體和娛樂投資組合的投資控股公司,正式宣佈已與甲府市市長簽署一份諒解備忘錄 (MOU),聲明Winvest 將規劃在日本山梨縣當地取景,為其動畫電影《小熊新奇遇 Beyond Pooh Corner》進行環境背景拍攝。 該諒解備忘錄還表示有興趣與日本當地公司合作打造主題商品,包括印有《小熊新奇遇》 原創繪圖的銀行卡。

信用卡和儲蓄摺頁冊的模型樣板,上面印有《小熊新奇遇》英文名 Beyond Pooh Corner 字樣的藝術品。 ©Beyond Pooh Corner LLC,2023。   

該諒解備忘錄於 2023 年 6 月 16 日簽署,當時《小熊新奇遇》製作人(包括 Winvest 高管 Jeffrey Wong、Khiow Hui Lim 和 Charlene Logan Kelly)訪問了山梨縣首府甲府市,該市位於東京以西約 1.5 小時車程處。 該地區以富士山的壯麗景色而聞名。 當地市長和知事在甲府市政府舉行的新聞發佈會上共同簽署了諒解備忘錄,隨後幾天團隊走訪潛在的拍攝地點,與當地政商界人士會面交流,商討《小熊新奇遇》在旅遊業與行銷業上的可行方案。

在甲府市政府舉行的記者招待會,接受 NHK 新聞和山梨新聞媒體的採訪。  

“我們很榮幸能在山梨縣受到如此熱烈的歡迎,山梨縣擁有FuFu山梨保健農園等美麗的森林地點,非常適合我們的場景拍攝需求。” Winvest 首席知識產權官兼IQI MEDIA製片主管 Charlene Logan Kell表示。 “當你加上日本對動畫的熱情以及在旅遊和商品推廣方面合作的可能性時,我們對於在這個風格獨特的地區推進我們的拍攝計劃感到無比興奮。”


關於Winvest Group Limited: Winvest Group Limited是一家投資控股公司,專注於媒體和娛樂、製作和電影製作以及在國內和國際流媒體平臺和媒體管道上的行銷和分銷。 Winvest將開發和管理各種多語言電影和電視專案。 有關Winvest及其投資機會的更多資訊,請訪問



Agnes Tham, Winvest營運長(COO)







September 20, 2023 Reno, NV – Winvest Group Limited (OTC: WNLV) (“Winvest”), an investment holding company with diverse media and entertainment portfolios, is pleased to announce that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) stating that it hopes to utilize Japan’s Yamanashi Prefecture for background filming on Beyond Pooh Corner, its animated Winnie-the-Pooh prequel film. The MOU also expresses interest in collaborating with local Japanese companies to create themed merchandising, including bank cards featuring original artwork from Beyond Pooh Corner.

Mock-up of a credit card and savings booklet featuring Beyond Pooh Corner artwork. ©Beyond Pooh Corner LLC,  2023.

The MOU was signed on June 16, 2023, when Beyond Pooh Corner producers, including Winvest executives Jeffrey Wong, Khiow Hui Lim, and Charlene Logan Kelly, visited Kofu City, the capital of Yamanashi Prefecture, located roughly 1.5 hours west of Tokyo in an area known for its stunning views of Mount Fuji. The MOU was co-signed by the local mayor and governor during a press conference at Kofu City Hall that followed several days of exploring potential filming locations, meetings with local merchants, and discussions with local government officials about how Beyond Pooh Corner could impact tourism and merchandising.

Press conference at Kofu City Hall with interviews by NHK NEWS and Yamanashi Daily News Media.

“We were honored to receive such a warm welcome in Yamanashi Prefecture, which is home to beautiful forest locations such as Fufu Forestry that are perfect for our background filming needs,” said Charlene Logan Kelly, Chief Intellectual Officer of Winvest and Head of Production at IQI Media. “When you add the enthusiasm for animation in Japan as well as the possibility of collaborating on both tourism and merchandising initiatives, we couldn’t be more excited to move forward with our plans to film in this very special region.”


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